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Find Your Roots Among Our Leaves.....

Welcome to the Gray and Hancock Family History Website!

This site traces the genealogy and ancestry of Hubert Lee Gray, Sr., and Geneva Marcella Hancock of Virginia and West Virginia. During the researching of my Gray and Hancock lines, many non-related Gray and Hancock lines have been uncovered. Under the Gray Family Genealogy and Hancock Family Genealogy links on the left, the progenitor of each of these lines is linked to a genealogy report that may help you with your particular line.

The goal for this website is to provide as much data, in one place, referencing the Gray and Hancock lines that can be found. As you go through the links you will find wills and estates, land patents and grants, military records, bible records, census reports, and everything else Gray and Hancock related that I can find.

The site map will give you an explanation of each link listed. I hope you find what you are looking for. Thanks for visiting!